Away from turkeys

Why not rearing turkeys is consistent

The Bauckhof farm Klein Süstedt decided to initiate the Bruderhahn Initiative Deutschland project for ethical reasons. This is also why Carsten Bauck, how has been supplying Holle with Demeter poultry meat for many years now, no longer rears turkeys. Due to the nature of the turkey breeds currently available, which have been bred to produce breast meat, no matter how hard the farm worked it would still not be able to fully meet its own standards for ethically correct animal husbandry. Holle has thus decided to discontinue its turkey products. From March 2014 Holle Organic Baby Jars with poultry meat will be produced exclusively with chicken sourced from brother roosters reared within the scope of the Bruderhahn Initiative Deutschland project.

Please click here for more information on the decision by our Demeter chicken meat supplier, Carsten Bauck, to no longer rear turkeys.

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